Director: Jordan dela Cruz
Producer: Alemberg Ang
Co-Producers: Arleen Cuevas, Siege Ledesma, John Badalu
Selected: 2018 QCinema Film Festival Film Grant, Cinemart 2019, TFI Network Tribeca Film Festival, Doha Film Institute Hezayah Script Workshop, DGPI Film Pitch, FDCP Project Market, Cine Qua Non Script Revision Lab, Autumn Meeting

Synopsis: Pilgrimage to Mt Gulsuk is a dark coming of age of story set in the idyllic city of Naga in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. When the life of his pregnant highschool girlfriend is threathened by a mysterious disease, a naïve teenage boy journeys towards a peak of a mythical eldritch mountain to search for a cure. What begins as a lighthearted tale of young love swiftly veer into the territory of waking nightmares as the teenage father-to-be falls down the fissures of the surreal.

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  • Saturday, October 06, 2018